Geeky Mother`s Day Gifts


Geeky Mother`s Day Gifts is what we are after and we will avoid all other presents which some of them can be quite insulting! So ignore all the alcohol you can get for us, all the amazing hair removal products, anti ageing creams, thoughtful gift cards you have purchased, or silky smooth duvet covers and so on ….

Get us something which will put a smile on our face! Ok may be we will never use it ever again but get something which is fun and in a secretive way, it tells us how wonderful we are!!

Oh did I just type wonder in bold? I wonder why? Oh it happened again!!

Fine we will reveal why our typing got a bit strange…

We want to be Wonder Woman on 26th of March please!!

What we need is very simple! We have also been a wonderful mummy and window shopped the products we want for you and made a list! All you need to do is, purchase them ( in theory, 4-5 clicks ), I hope you can manage a mammoth task like to make me happy for a single day!

Ermm we lost the track a bit and listed way too many items on our wish list but wonder woman tshirt, bath robe, socks and sleep set are simply adorable. If you would like to buy the other products we selected and try to make us look a bit silly 🙂 that will be fine too as we both have to have our fun!

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