Kong is King


Kong is King! We are into our movies these days and there are some great franchises coming up in 2017. King Kong is one of them and this one is called King Kong – Skull Island, you can see great images and information on official King Kong website.

Ok so loads of you are saying “What`s that got to do with Geeky Babies?”

We have found the softest King in the jungle for you 🙂 This is why!

We have to warn you though, this toy is not for children! but to find a place in your collectables!

King Kong Toy
King Kong Toy
Softest King in the World

Autumn is one of our senior product testers with over 1 years life/professional experience. Autumn can chew any product, consistently stress test the products and parents. At her spare time Autumn enjoys eating, climbing, smiling, screaming and giggling. Autumn will be happy to do a bespoke test for your products so please contact us to send some samples and we will publish test activity details and results here.

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