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Copy & Paste Tshirt & Baby Grow


We all have friends whose babies looks like a smaller version of them! This is the perfect gift for the baby and their parents! Copy & Paste Tshirt & Baby Grow will suit them perfectly!

T-shirt and baby grow have the words and shortcut letters to copy and paste something on a computer.

Etsy shop is owned by Scotland based Drop Scone Designs with over 3000 sales and 454 admirers!! This simply tells us that Drop Scone Designs are very professional and they both care for their product quality and customer satisfaction.

Copy & Paste - Parent and Baby T-shirt and Baby Grow
Copy & Paste - Parent and Baby T-shirt and Baby Grow
These 2 items would look so adorable on a new born and parent who looks alike

Autumn is one of our senior product testers with over 1 years life/professional experience. Autumn can chew any product, consistently stress test the products and parents. At her spare time Autumn enjoys eating, climbing, smiling, screaming and giggling. Autumn will be happy to do a bespoke test for your products so please contact us to send some samples and we will publish test activity details and results here.

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